The app below will test the connection speed of your Peak Internet service. Because of the faster connections provided by Peak Internet we recommend using only Peak Internet-managed speedtest sites to get an accurate indication of your connection speed.

Public sites like allow for anyone with a web server to load their free software and provide a test site. Because of this many of their tests will be inaccurate due to other traffic on the servers, inadequate network connectivity, and many other issues. Peak Internet's speedtest servers are dedicated to test only the connections of our subscribers and don't perform any other functions.

We recommend testing on your newest computer, as older computers sometimes have problems with faster Internet speeds. Close all unnecessary applications before running the test (even apps which may be hiding in your taskbar down by the clock!). Disable firewalls and anti-virus programs (make sure to re-enable these after the test). We also recommend testing on a computer that is hardwired to our service -- often times computers on wireless/WiFi may also have problems with faster connection speeds. Lastly, check to make sure the router you are using is a good brand, has the latest firmware/software updates, and can support fast Internet connection.